Bomi 10 Logistics traces its beginnings precisely in this activity – transport. It started back in 1987 with a single transportation truck, only to continuously increase its number.

Bomi 10 Logistics traces its beginnings precisely in this activity - transport.

The increase in the number of vehicles has led to the implementation of more standards, which has contributed to the facilitation of the customer service. The large number of employees, with their many years of experience, offers a high level of logistics services.

We are experts in the transportation of textile, but we also transfer any type of cargo, palletized and non-palletized, toxic materials-ADR, groupage transport and direct loads. When it comes to the transportation of textile clothing, Bomi 10 Logistics is a leading company in North Macedonia. We own more than 30 types of trailers for this type of transportation that are specifically equipped for transportation of hanging garments.

Since 2006, Bomi 10 Logistics has been a partner of North Macedonia along with Barth+Co Spedition, one of German’s leading freight forwarding companies in the field of textile transportation. What is specific about the textile transportation is the fact that the goods are closely connected with the current fashion trends and requires very precise time delivery.

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Our Transport Services

With the combination of a team of experts with many years of experience and the flexible solutions which are offered, we ensure a reliable growth of your business.


Direct load

We provide safe, fast and efficient point-to-point transit. What we leave at your disposal is the comprehensive and long-term market knowledge of our logistics professionals as well as modern equipment adapted to your needs.

Our integrated services and technology capabilities help you become more productive and efficient with complete solutions for supplies, which are tailored to your requirements and expectations, as well as those of your customers. 

To ensure that all components are in the right place, at the right time, we provide firm and sustainable logistics solutions for the automotive industry.



Our service is efficient and effective, precise and available anywhere and anytime. Our vehicle fleet is adapted to meet your needs and requirements in all situations.


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Our goal is to support the growth of companies that choose us as their associates. We constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers and focus on responding to all requests for improvement